Olivia + Leif | MacGregor Downs Country Club Wedding



March 19, 2021

Oliva & Leif’s Wedding | MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary, NC

This wedding was an absolute dream! I remember talking with Olivia while taking engagement photos and her mentioning that if it were cold enough on their wedding day, they would be able to light the fireplace. Well, it was a cold, rainy day in February here in Cary, NC, but the MacGregor Downs Country Club did not disappoint. The fire behind Olivia and Leif during their ceremony added so much on this special day. You could feel the warmth of the fire and the warmth Olivia and Leif had for each other. Olivia looked absolutely stunning in her dress and Leif looked very handsome and happy. You could just tell these two were best friends who were getting married.

The happiness everyone felt during this wedding was contagious. Trust me, it was really hard not joining in on the dancing. A funny thing that happened during the reception, maybe 30 minutes before the send off, the power went out! I’m not sure what happened, maybe something got wet because of the rain, but the power was off long enough for someone to say, “Is this a joke?” Well, a few minutes later the power came right back on and we did a fun, spirit tunnel send off using phone lights instead of sparklers!

I’m really happy with how these photos turned out. The inside of MacGregor Downs Country Club looks like a medieval castle, which caused for some some darker and moodier photos. This wedding was such a fun time for me and I’m so honored to have been part of it! Olivia and Leif, I wish you both the best!


Lead photographer: Katey Vaughan Photography

Second photographer: Kailen Elizabeth

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